A half ball trainer can forever change a person’s stability. Upon visiting a local gym, it shouldn’t take long to notice something called a half ball. It’s an odd-looking piece of strength equipment that is shaped like half a ball.

The advantage of using this piece of fitness equipment is that both sides of the half ball can provide effective strength training. If used appropriately, a half ball can help an individual improve his or her stability, core strength and balance.

How Is a Half Ball Used?

Since it’s such an odd-looking piece of fitness equipment, the half ball might seem perplexing to most people. A half ball is a balance trainer, and it can be used for a variety of purposes.

One side of a half ball is flat and used for stability training and balancing, and the other side of the half ball is rounded. What is called a stability ball is not shaped in a way that allows someone to stand on it. A half ball is different because either side of the ball can be used.

It’s perfect for practicing balance and posture. It can also be used for an effective core workout. Each side of a half ball is an unstable surface, and both sides will challenge a person’s balance and stability skills.

What about Beginners?

Before trying advanced exercises, a beginner must build a solid base of core stabilization. Although it can take a while, a half ball can be used to build a solid foundation of stability and strength.

Before becoming exceptionally comfortable on a half ball, a beginner will need to practice on the ball. Beginners can use a workout partner or wall ledge to practice.

Exercising with Half Ball Balances

It’s useful to understand that a half ball is normally used to improve stability. However, it can be used for a multitude of exercises, which will serve as a full-body workout.

Many fitness experts have their trainees warm up with a half ball. It can be used for lunges, squats and other exercises. There are dozens of different exercises that a half ball can be used for. There are both upper-body and lower-body exercises.

Hip extensions, power lunges and squat jumps are lower-body exercises that can be performed with a half ball. One-armed rows, back extensions and pushups are upper-body exercises that can be performed with a half ball.

Training the Core

To dramatically improve stability, a person must focus on improving their core. A lot of people do planks and crunches with a half ball, which improves core stability.

The half ball is an excellent solution for effective cardio exercise and strength training. A half ball also has many medical uses. Many physicians have patients perform exercises on a half ball, which help patients recover faster from certain injuries.

Individuals who want to improve stability, strength and balance can use a half ball to accomplish these goals. Although it does take some time to get used to, it can provide long-lasting health benefits and stability improvements.