Lifestyle and Health Conditions

Obesity is one of the leading causes of a number of different health issues such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and depression, as well as joint and back pain. Learning about health care strategies will inform you that exercise and fitness are a great way to start a weight-loss program to give you a better quality of life.

Regular exercise can help to prevent and control symptoms of diabetes by reducing blood sugars in the body and regulating insulin production. Type two diabetes is one disease that is preventable, and ensuring that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, as well as being involved in physical activity to reduce your weight is an ideal way to reduce the need for medication. Diabetics can benefit from aerobic fitness in helping to regulate blood sugars, as well as yoga which has positions that target the pancreas to aid in insulin production.

The risk of developing cardiovascular disease can also be reduced through diet and exercise. Aerobic or cardio fitness can help to keep your heart healthy by promoting the flow of oxygen through the blood to the heart and lungs. It can also increase the body’s production of endorphins which will help decrease stress levels that can cause issues with hypertension.

Aerobic fitness is also beneficial for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Weight-bearing aerobics such as walking or using the elliptical or stair climber can aid in the maintenance of bone density for those suffering from osteoporosis. This is because the body becomes conditioned to regular fitness and exercise, thereby conditioning the bones to maintain healthy densities.

In addition, fibromyalgia and arthritis patients benefit from a monitored exercise plan. As both of these conditions involve high levels of pain, it is important to not push yourself beyond the limits of your body. Both arthritis and fibromyalgia fitness plans should include exercises that are low impact to avoid irritating joints and muscles further which can cause more pain and problems. Aquatic exercises can be ideal for both conditions, as water reduces the stress on joints while still giving the body a full workout. Water can also promote relaxation, which can help to reduce the body’s perception to pain. Yoga is another exercise program that can be done by those suffering with arthritis or fibromyalgia pain. There are poses that are specifically targeted at reducing pain and increasing range of motion.