Steam ovens use boiling water that is generally kept in a built-in reservoir which creates a mass of steam within the oven chamber to cook food. They are not required to be hooked up to a water source, as the reservoir is built in to be easily accessible and removable.

Steam cooking has been around for centuries, originating in China, but steam ovens are a relatively new addition to North American kitchens. The steam oven is available in a portable, countertop version (about the same size as a microwave), as well as a fully installed version similar to a conventional oven.

Although the term oven implies the process of baking, a steam oven is able to cook soups, pastas, rice, and is even able to be used for sterilizing purposes (i.e., baby bottles). It is also used for cooking foods that are generally baked such as vegetables, meat, cakes, breads, and potatoes. The steam oven will allow you to cook an entire quick, simple, and healthy meal at once, while also reducing the addition of fats, oils, and salt that may need to be used in other cooking methods.

Steam ovens are able to cook food much quicker than conventional ovens. They also allow food to maintain more of their natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, meaning less salt and oil or fats are required for cooking. Using a steam oven will help to keep food moist. In addition, there is less transfer of flavor when cooking different foods at the same time in a steam oven. Plus, steam ovens are easy to keep clean. As the steam oven generally cooks food in reduced time, they are also known to save energy in comparison to a conventional oven. These are just some of the advantages of using a steam oven.

Steam ovens are ideal for healthy cooking for those with any weight issues, cholesterol, and heart issues. As there is no need for use for oils in the cooking process, food is lower in fat and can help to fight obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol – all helping to prevent and treat any heart issues.

A steam oven is quite simple to use, and there is no risk of overcooking or burning food. It is also ideal for heating previously cooked food while maintaining the moisture and flavors. Using a steam oven can help to maintain the natural form of food, as well as the texture, color, and natural aromas.