Many people would love to be more flexible but don’t know how to measure their flexibility. A flex tester is the solution to this problem, and a trustworthy piece of exercise equipment. Many wellness centers and gyms have this product called a flex tester. It looks a lot like an oversized birdhouse, but its usefulness should not be underestimated.

How Does It Work?

A lot of people wonder why this product is so special, and there are several reasons why a flex tester is a great product to use and own. A flex tester is used to measure the tightness of a person’s lower back and hamstrings.

To use a flex tester, an individual must sit down on the ground, and they must reach their arms out and touch the top of the flex tester. It’s a very simple way for someone to test their flexibility. It also makes it very easy to observe and record flexibility progress.

A flex tester will work to test the flexibility of almost anyone, and since it’s so easy to use, entire groups of individuals can quickly test their level of flexibility. By far, the flex tester is the best way to check a person’s lower-body tightness and flexibility.

The Benefits and Features

A flex tester provides an accurate fitness assessment, and it even works well for people who have health conditions. The flex tester is a product that is ideal for testing large groups of individuals.

Its unique design makes it easy to quickly and efficiently test the hamstring flexibility of many individuals, which is why it’s common to see a flex tester in most gyms. It can be used to test one or multiple individuals.

A flex tester displays flexibility results in centimeters and inches, so the results are easy to understand. Many people use foam rollers and straps with a flex tester, which is an ideal way to improve flexibility in the hamstrings and lower back.

Great for Residential and Commercial Environments

In the fitness industry, there is a standard flexibility test, and it’s called the trunk flexibility test. The flex tester uses this standard flexibility test, and it provides very accurate results.

Since a typical flex tester is made from steel, it will last for many years, and it will work flawlessly in both commercial and residential environments.

The flexibility test that the flex tester uses is one of the easiest tests to administer. To use the flex tester effectively, all a person must do is sit down and reach. Inside of the tester, there is a foot plate, which acts as a sturdy footrest.

Testing for Health Conditions

A major reason why so many wellness centers have a flex tester is because it’s effective for improving health conditions. A number of conditions that negatively affect a person’s health are related to poor flexibility. Most joint and lower-back problems are caused by not having enough flexibility.

Many fitness experts enroll individuals in a program that focuses on increasing range of motion and flexibility, and in most cases, the flex tester is an integral part of the program.