Strenght Equipment

Yoga can assist to help with asthma by using poses to open the chest and promote better flow of air through the lungs. There are various styles of yoga that can be used to treat and also to prevent asthma attacks using controlled breathing through poses.

There is a large collection of yoga videos that are available to assist with improving the symptoms and side effects of these health conditions. The yoga videos walk through a routine of poses that will promote joint health, stress reduction, controlled breathing, and flexibility to assist with the management of these conditions.

Strength training is an excellent way to increase bone density, as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament strength. It can also assist to improve your cardiac health and your “good” HDL cholesterol levels, improve mood, and enhance your metabolism.

Generally, strength training is done using a selection of exercises and strength equipment aimed at improving specific muscle functions. It can be used to improve joint health and posture, as well as reduce the risk of everyday injuries. Strength training is often used to prevent the loss of bone density and muscle tissue in older individuals, helping to avoid frailty and some forms of physical disabilities. It is also a key factor in preventing osteoporosis.

There is a large assortment of strength equipment that can be used when you are considering a strength training regimen. This would include dumbbells, weight benches, kettlebells, medicine balls, the half ball balance trainer, roman chair, and resistance bands.

Dumbbells and weight benches are used in weight training, which is a very common form of strength training. It is used to increase muscle mass and prevent bone loss, which makes it an excellent exercise for osteoporosis. Weight training can also assist to aid in the increase of bone density, as well as to build new bone.

The kettlebell is a cannonball-shaped cast iron ball used in strength and flexibility training. It is also commonly used for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. The wrists, hips, and spine are most prone to developing osteoporosis, and the kettlebell is a great tool to use when working to strengthen these areas.

The medicine ball is a weighted ball that comes in a variety of weights, usually ranging from 2 to 25 pounds, and is made of leather, vinyl, rubber, or other materials. Medicine balls are often used in strength training as well as for rehabilitation after injury. The medicine ball can improve core strength, and it can assist in the reduction of injuries related to osteoporosis, especially in the lower back.

The half ball balance trainer is a half sphere ball with a flat surface on top used mostly for balance training. It is used to improve stability and strengthen muscles. Balance and stability are key factors in osteoporosis patients, as bones are fragile and prone to breakage.


The roman chair is generally used to improve back muscle endurance and strength. The lower back is one area affected by osteoporosis, and a routine involving the roman chair can help to strengthen muscles and reduce pain.


Resistance bands are used to improve coordination, balance, muscle strength, and flexibility, and to increase range of motion. They are a great way to fight bone loss caused by osteoporosis, and ease the pain of arthritis.