Grills use dry heat that is applied to the surface of the food. They generally use high amounts of direct heat in order to cook food quickly. Barbeques are a well-known type of grill, and there is also a variety of indoor grills that can be used. Grilling is widely known as a healthy alternative to frying, as it does not require the use of oil for cooking which is a great cooking method for anyone dealing with cholesterol issues. Grilled foods tend to be lower in fat content because the grease is able to drip out after it liquefies, and the food does not continue to cook in the fat as with frying.

You can use a grill to cook almost any type of food you can think of. Barbeques are used outdoors and are very popular for cooking various types of meat quickly, and are known for instilling a distinctive flavor to such foods as steak, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, fish, and so on. The barbeque uses a grated surface and you can generally adjust the temperature depending on what you are cooking. The grated surface allows grease and fat to drip down away from the food. The main types of outdoor grills are propane, gas or charcoal-fueled.

There are a few different types of indoor grills that have become popular, especially for use during the colder weather. There is a clamshell-style grill that slants downwards in order to help drain the fat away from the food that is being cooked. This makes the food being cooked lower in fat and less greasy, and is an excellent cooking method for those with weight issues. The clamshell grill usually has a temperature indication and embedded heat elements that help to cook the food from both top and bottom. There are also some that include a timer that can be set when cooking specific types of food, and it will notify you when it should be fully cooked. There are also grated electric grills which are very similar to a barbeque but are specifically made for use indoors.

There are many healthy grilling recipes that are available in cookbooks and online. These recipes include many tips for making delicious and healthy meals that can be quite simple and quick to make. Grills are a great way to promote a lower fat diet, and they also make cooking quick and simple. Food does need to be monitored with a grill to prevent overcooking and burning. With the reduction of fat in grilled foods, it is an ideal cooking method for those who are dealing with cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight issues.