Kettlebell workouts offer an innovative exercise program that helps both healthy people and those struggling with health conditions, such as diabetes, to become fit. Being a popular exercise regimen among professional instructors, kettlebells have hit home exercisers across the United States, helping people achieve optimal fitness levels in a short period of time.

What Are Kettlebell Workouts?

Originating from Russia, kettlebell workouts offer people a form of strength training that provides powerful health benefits for the user. Kettlebells appear as a small cannonball with a handle and are constructed out of durable cast iron. Kettlebells provide an intense training experience in shorter timeframes, allowing individuals to exercise between 20 and 30 minutes to obtain many health benefits. Designed to be used with different workouts, kettlebells can help exercisers target each of their muscle groups for a toned appearance. Some popular exercises that individuals can implement in their regular exercise program include:

  • The Turkish lunge
  • Advanced kettlebell windmill
  • One-arm swing
  • The Turkish squat
  • Figure 8
  • Crush curt

Latest Approaches to Kettlebell Training

Even though kettlebells are newer to the United States, they have been utilized in exercise routines for hundreds of years. Kettlebells are effective exercise tools because they help individuals work out their entire body by requiring them to move the weights in non-linear and linear ways. With kettlebells becoming more popular with exercisers, professionals have implemented several modern approaches to this old fitness tool.

The Kettlebell Swing

Exercisers can utilize kettlebells as a core exercise regimen by performing the Kettlebell Swing, which involves you holding the handle with both hands. After swinging the kettlebell through the legs, you need to thrust your hips forward and swing the kettlebell up to your eye level. The Kettlebell Swing works your entire body at the same time, making it an effective approach to strengthening your lower back.

The Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch requires you to thrust the bell straight above your head from the ground and bring it back down. Incorporating almost every single muscle in your body, the Kettlebell Snatch can be performed in reps for an effective sweat-dripping exercise.

The Kettlebell Clean

Providing you with the perfect power-lifting routine, the Kettlebell Clean forces you to stabilize one side of your body while exercising the opposite with the kettlebell. Utilizing your lower body to power up the bell, the Kettlebell Clean requires you to clean the bell from a swing or lift it up from a resting position. With both positions, you can lift up the kettlebell to rest on both forearms, and then bring it back down to a swinging position or dead rest.

Individuals who are first starting out with a kettlebell workout should do their initial workout with a certified trainer to minimize their chances of injuries. Kettlebell lifts require ballistic movement, which could lead to injury if not performed correctly. Once familiar with this popular routine, you will not want to put your kettlebells down.