In today’s day and age, health and wellness is one of the most popular topics. While there are hundreds of theories about the best approach to fitness and many different ways to tackle various medical conditions, the most first step is to get started. One very good way to get in a good workout at home, on the go or at the gym is to use a lateral bar. A lateral bar is a straight, or sometimes tapered, bar that the fitness enthusiast can attach to either a cable machine or free weights.

Using a straight lateral bar and attaching it to a cable machine, one can perform a variety of exercises. One of the most common workouts is the tricep pushdown. By setting the bar at mid height, keeping the elbows stationary and pulling the bar down, the exerciser can get a great tricep workout in a short amount of time. Another use for the lateral bar is the bicep curl. This is a very popular exercise, since the biceps are one of the most common muscles exercised. By placing the lateral bar at the bottom of the cable machine or attaching weight discs to the lateral bar, the exerciser essentially reverses the tricep pushdown; while keeping the elbows stationary, the biceps “curl” the lateral bar up towards the chest. The lateral bar can also be used with free weights to perform the shoulder press, where the exerciser pushes the bar directly overhead to engage the deltoids, or shoulder muscles. Some other exercises that can be performed on the lateral bar include:

  • Reverse bicep curl
  • Reverse tricep curl
  • Leg squat
  • Deadlift
  • Seated row

Another type of lateral bar is a pull-up bar that attaches to a doorframe. Obviously, the main movements this piece of exercise equipment is used for are pull-ups and chin-ups, which are considered difficult but effective moves for beginners. The pull-up bar can also be used to perform the common push-up, which works the pectoral, or chest, muscles. By elevating the hands off of the ground, it gives the exerciser a greater range of motion, thus giving the exerciser a better workout.

There are many benefits to completing a workout with a lateral bar. Besides the prevention of many medical conditions such as heart disease and obesity, exercising with this equipment builds muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so when the human body builds muscle, its metabolism increases. Many exercises on the lateral bar also require several muscle groups working together. This is more beneficial than other types of exercise equipment, many of which isolate individual muscle groups. Working complementary muscle groups encourages the body to perform in the gym in a similar manner to the way it performs in everyday life, thus reducing the risk of injury. As always, one should consult a medical professional before beginning any type of exercise program, but the lateral bar offers many different fitness options for enthusiasts at all levels.