Exercise Bikes

For those with arthritis or for people preventing health issues in a proactive manner, using an exercise bike is an effective way to ease your way into a fitness program. An exercise bike is really easy to use. To do so, just sit on it, put your hands around the handlebars, and pump the pedals like you are riding a bike. The weight, fat, and inches will begin to fall off, it really is that simple. A great thing about using an exercise bike for workouts is that because you store it inside, the exercise bike can be used during the morning, evening, or night, as well as during hot, cold, or inclement weather.

Variety in Exercise Bikes

In the past two decades, fitness companies have stepped away from producing the traditional stationary bike. Today’s exercise bikes offer resistance and tracking progress systems to ensure the user reaches her fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The types of bikes available on today’s market include: upright bikes, recumbent bikes, dual-action stationary exercise bikes, indoor cycles, and interactive exercise bikes.

Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes

Upright stationary bikes have a bike seat and two pedals like a regular bicycle. Predictably, the user pedals an upright stationary bike in the same way as a regular bicycle. Because of this, upright stationary bikes offer the cardiovascular and lower body workouts that regular cycles offer. Upright bikes do not usually have the fully outfitted technology kits that other exercise bikes have. Most uprights have heart rate monitors and distance meters, and, because they are upright, they take up less space than recumbent exercise bikes.

Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes are designed so that the user can sit and pedal at the same time. Unlike the upper stationary bike, which has a traditional bicycle seat, the recumbent bike is designed with a chair. People with back issues prefer recumbent bikes because they provide excellent support and stability. However, because a recumbent stationary exercise bike does not have handlebars, the user’s upper body will not get the same workout as on an upright bike.

Dual-Action Stationary Exercise Bikes

Dual-action bikes are designed for people looking to work out multiple muscle groups during a workout. The handlebars move in sync with the pedals, allowing for a more rigorous cardiovascular workout. Dual-action bikes have cooling systems – usually a fan – that will keep you cool as you pedal. The pedals on dual-action bikes can be customized to give the user the pedal length she desires.

Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles are very similar in design, function, and form to the typical road bike. The user can adjust the pedals to customize his resistance during the workout. Unlike recumbent bikes, indoor cycles have a bike cushion that is not built for comfort.

Interactive Exercise Bikes

Interactive exercise bikes are designed to combine the latest in fitness technology and electronics. More specifically, interactive bikes are designed with a computer, music player, or television included in them. That way, the user does not have to get up to change the channel, change the station, or charge their electronics device mid-workout, allowing them to exercise in a more efficient manner.