Weight Benches

When going to the gym, most people notice the area with free weights. This is where people work the hardest and enjoy the most gains. With so many pieces of equipment, some people do not know where to begin or which exercises they should do. Fortunately, with a weight bench, a person can do a few exercises that will add lean muscle to their frame. Here are three things a person can do with a weight bench while they are in the gym or at home.


With dumbbell exercises, a person can target their core, upper body and even their chest. To work the core or chest, a person should lie flat on the bench with two dumbbells. Now, when picking out a weight to lift, a lifter should consider their overall strength and size. To start out, a new lifter should try a five-pound weight as that will allow him or her to learn how to do the exercise correctly. Then, once a person learns the form, they can pick up heavier weights as they see fit. To work the shoulders, one must move the back of the bench to a 45-degree angle so they can sit up and pick the weights up and do the shoulder press. With this easy exercise, a person can add plenty of muscle to their upper body, including shoulders.

Bench press

Of course, the most popular and useful chest exercise a person can do is a bench press. With this workout, a lifter can add plenty of muscle to his or her chest and core. In fact, any serious weight lifter knows that this is the most beneficial upper body exercise one can do. When trying to prevent health problems or reverse the signs of aging, a person must go to the gym and do a few bench press lifts. Without a doubt, when trying to reverse and slow the signs of aging, prevention is essential.


With regards to diabetes health, a person should have a thin midsection without excess fat. Otherwise, a person can suffer debilitating health problems in the future. One way to work on the lower body is to do crunches, with or without weights. Now, to do them properly, a person should lie flat on a bench with their legs in the air. Then, a person can do their routine with ease. Others looking to get more out of the exercise will bring a five-pound weight to transfer between their hands during the crunch routine. Either way, a weight bench is the perfect accessory for a person looking to succeed and lose excess body fat around their waist.

A person in the gym should know how to use all the machines and weights. When this is the case, a lifter can, with ease, get into shape and prevent serious health problems in the future. When understanding that prevention is important, a person will save money and time as they will avoid expensive and time-consuming doctor’s visits.