Resistance Bands

There are many reasons for incorporating resistance bands into your fitness program. Their versatility is amazing and will enable you to do a variety of strength training exercises.


One of the best features of resistance bands is their affordability. For less than $10 you can purchase a piece of exercise equipment that you can use every day in many ways.


If you travel often, that can become an excuse for not following through with a fitness regimen you have established for yourself. No one wants to lug around strength equipment such as weights when they are traveling. Lightweight resistance bands can be tossed into your luggage or your purse and carried with you everywhere. You might even find their convenience an incentive to sneak in a little exercise at work or while on vacation.

Using Resistance Bands

You can find a variety of workout tips online that will help you design a fitness program that works best for you. You can use the bands instead of weights or in addition to weights to continue with a program you already have in place.

Bands are available in differing strengths which gives you the opportunity to start at one level and progress to levels that require a more intense workout. You have a lot of options available to you for designing workouts and exercise routines that are directed toward the areas of your body that need strengthening. You can get a full body workout using resistance bands. You can also use them in combination with other exercise and muscle strengthening equipment.

Health Benefits of Resistance Bands

Getting the proper amount of exercise and keeping muscles strong can be difficult for those dealing with diabetes. Resistance bands are a wonderful exercise tool for diabetics. Using the bands can help with weight management, muscle strengthening and metabolism. Their low cost and the ease of storing the bands make them a convenient exercise tool for diabetics.

Parkinson’s Patients

Research shows that an approved exercise program can be beneficial to those dealing with the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Resistance bands are often used as part of their exercise plan. They can be used as part of a group activity or by individuals who are trying to maintain muscle strength.

Low Cost, High Reward

Before you begin any new exercise routine, you should check with your physician or physical therapist to make sure that the routine you have planned is appropriate for you. Resistance bands can be used in many ways by people with all types of goals. If you’re athletic and looking for strength equipment that will help you excel in your sport, resistance bands can be helpful to you. If you are embarking on a weight loss program, you can find workout tips that use resistance bands. For a very small investment in resistance bands, you can have a versatile, immensely helpful piece of exercise equipment.