When looking for the best cardio machine to enhance your workout you can’t go wrong with a stair stepper. The following information describes what a stair stepper is, the benefits of using one, and a variety of workout routines that can be used with a stair stepper.

What Is a Stair Stepper?

A stair stepper is typically any exercise machine that enables an individual to take steps similar to the same motions involved in climbing a staircase. There are several varieties of stair steppers an individual can use. Some are large machines that look like a mini staircase and have rotating steps similar to an escalator. These are often called stepmills. An individual using this type of stepper could program the machine so the steps moved at different levels of speed. There are stair steppers with foot pedals that are attached to a solid frame with handles. And there are stair steppers that are simply foot pedals without any frame or handles to hold.

Benefits of Using a Stair Stepper

Besides giving a great cardio workout, stair steppers are a good way to tone and shape the legs and hips. This type of activity works nearly every leg muscle. Many people believe you can’t get a good upper body workout using a stepper but that’s not true. Most people will hold onto handles when climbing or stepping and this can limit any upper body benefits. Balancing yourself without holding on while stepping will strengthen torso muscles. Some of the machines don’t come with handles, forcing people to balance themselves. Climbing stairs can help prevent osteoporosis by building stronger, denser bones. The muscles pulling against the bones during the stepping motion causes the bones to increase and grow stronger. Even individuals who suffer from arthritis can benefit from using a stepper. Moderate exercise can help strengthen the joints and muscles. It can also help an individual lose weight so there is less strain on the arthritic joints in the body. Anyone who suffers from arthritis or any type of joint disorder should check with a rheumatologist to determine exactly what kind of exercise routine would most benefit their condition.

Creating an Exercise Program

The great thing about using a stair stepper is that each person can adjust the routine to adapt to his or her own fitness level. An individual can climb at a slow or moderate pace. For those who are ready for a more advanced workout, the individual can move at a pace similar to jogging or running. There are also benefits of doing intervals. This would involve moving quickly for several minutes then slowing down to a more moderate pace. The stepper could also be integrated into a workout routine involving other equipment such as a stationary bike or weights.

Considering the benefits of using a stair stepper and the variety of workout routines that can be established, the stepper could be part of an ideal workout routine for almost anyone.